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Notes from the publisher


Mattie Stepanek was 14 when he died, but his poetry and enthusiasm caught the notice of celebrities and presidents.


Ron Kean has taken Mattie's Christmas poem of peace for all the world and created a melody that helps the message soar.


Fitting for children's choirs, treble choirs and even mixed choirs, this is a wonderful song of hope and love. 

Tis the Season

Mattie Stepanek


The season brings a reason for solemn contemplation,

The season brings a reason for joyful celebration,

The season brings a reason for gentle realization

That the season brings a reason for peace in every nation.


Let this season be the season that lasts throughout the year,

Let our reason be the reason that unites us beyond fear.

Let us join our hearts together with those far and with those near,

Let us live this gentle moment, in each moment, not just here.


The reason for the season is a miracle in life,

The reason for the season then can bring an end to strife.

The season and the reason are the answer to each prayer,

In all seasons, for all reasons, we must touch our world with care.      

Pavane Publishing #P1367

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